Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goals or Gaols?

Ever feel like a goal is more like a gaol sentence?  I think I have trouble setting goals because I need them to be flexible, or maybe I am just missing something!  But I will have another go because I need to be able to succeed, and to succeed you need a goal!

So, of course, my goal is to be happy, and to be happy you need to be healthy - mentally and physically.  I want to look good, I want to be strong, and I want to be fit.  I want to be able to feel powerful and able to defend myself, or at least impress people with my phyical ability (yup, feed that ego!).  So that is my 'overall' goal - but we need specifics and we need a timetable!

So, lets see:
I want to get into a lower weight range - 49-51kg, maybe lower but it will depend on how I feel once I get there, and how long it takes to work out maintanence!  On the way there though, I want that waist circumfrance to get down below 80cm!  It is dropping.. it was 84cm this morning, so it should get there soon!  As for getting stronger.. I don't know how to measure this!  I want to complete the lean and strong program, mostly to help me build strength for running.  I want to be able to run in fun runs, and do a 10k race but those are goals for next round.  But mostly, I just want my lifestyle set up so I have some good basic training happening each week with the occasional rest week thrown in for good measure!

The program does have measured results.. the weigh-ins, measurements, and fitness test.. so it is probably easier to fit my earlier goals around those.

Next two weeks:  as measured in week 8 fitness test.
1. waist measurement at 82cm
2. run under 5mins (maintain)
3. abs to level one
4. wall sit to 1:30:00 or above
5. push-up to 40 or above
6. flex to 0 or less
7. weight to 53kg

Next six weeks: as measured in final fitness test.
1. waist measurement below 80cm
2. run under 5mins (maintain)
3. abs to level two
4. wall sit to 2:00:00 or above
5. push-up to 50 on on knees or try new goal on toes
6. flex to -3 or less
7. weight to 51kg or less

Now, beyond that, I want to sign up for round 3 and do the lean and fit program - well, design my own program based on classes, running, and strength goals.  I am loving boxfit and strong man training on the tues and thurs night but I am not sure they count as strength training, I love the kickboxing too!  So much to choose from!  I also want to look at doing the October run for Breast Cancer, and there is one in early September too - I will join up with the Road Runners group here in town and maybe look at training with them on Tuesday nights for the interval training.  These are the runs coming up next round!

11th September CQPhysio Group Spring Classic
23rd October Pink Ribbon Fun Run (I got just under 30mins for this race last year!)

Okay, so I am pretty happy with that!  I will update as needed!

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