Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Living it for Life!

There is a big difference between 12 weeks and a life time and while I struggle with just these 12 weeks, I wonder how will I cope with a lifetime?  I have come to realise that I actually need to change things for good, not just to meet my goal.  I need to make this lifestyle a habit, it needs to be easy, it needs to be automatic, it needs to be 'me'.

I think this is where the 'organise and diarise' comes in to things.  If I need to think about when to go to the gym, what to take, who will be there, what do I 'want' to do... well, I will also start thinking 'I don't have time", "I left this or that at home", "maybe I will be alone", "I want to have a bowl of coco pops".  I think you can see the problem there! 
The thing is though, I need to organise and diarise my entire life to make it work!  And I hate routine!  I thrive on it.. but I hate it!  It all started with Flylady, way back in like 2005.  A love-hate relationship with routine - loving while it was working but always trying to get back into it when I would crash and burn (blame it on the lazy gene!).  I need to make it work now though!
This round is working for me in so many ways that it just didn't the last two.  Firstly, I was asked to an ambassador, and although I still think that maybe they asked me by mistake (maybe got usernames mixed up?), I am still extremely honoured to wear that badge and this role seriously, to support others on the forums and help make sure everyone feels welcome and heard.  Secondly, the finale party is in Brisbane making it that much more attainable - it is kinda 'home' in that I know the area as I was raised in SEQld and grew up going into Brissy regularly by train.  It is also only a 45min plane ride away!  Scary but doable! Thirdly, I have made a great friend (hey Nat!) who is a great motivation and support - she always says nice things to me, and gives me a reason to keep going and even just to turn up to gym classes!  Lastly, I think the thing that has worked the most for me is that I am just doing it, I'm comfy at the gym now, I'm seeing results in my strength training, learning how to do the workouts, seeing the weight come off now I am keeping a food diary - it has just been great!

But what I need to do is to look at how to make it simpler, more automatic - so I don't need to think about.  Health and fitness need to be integrated into my life so I never go back to 'lazy'.

How I see this happening is by making up a pack of recipes I know are easy to cook and modify for the family, inexpensive, and that we all like!  I will need to make meal planing and shopping into a regular event instead of the randomness it is now (this will help with my budget as well!).  And I think I need to print out my exercise plans in advance as well and have them packed into my gym bag (as well as having my gym gear washed and ready each day, and my water bottle filled and ready to go each day).  Doing lunches of a night will help as well I think.  I need for my routine to be workable and not too much of a shove, and I need to be sensible and not stay up all night watching tv shows!  Though I reckon the odd day off would be great!

I know I won't get it right the first time and that is will take a bit of flexibility and a few dud attempts before I find a way to make this work for me, but I think it will be worth it!  I'm trying to imagine what my life is going to look like in 12 wks time, and all the days in between and I know there will be challenges.  Lots of them too!  But if I plan well, and sensibly (not expecting outrageous things of myself) I think I will be fine!

It is exciting to think that at the rate I am going, I will be at goal weight by the end of this challenge.  Half a kilo a week seems like a realistic goal so I should be somewhere between 51kg and 52kg.  I could go lower but honestly, I feel like I would be pushing it too far.  I know I could aim for 47kg and still be healthy so maybe will look at that for next round, or as a buffer for while I learn to maintain weight (though I doubt I will lose without trying! lol).  Looking forward to my new life!

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