Friday, July 8, 2011

Reason No. 1 My Family

Well, I have looked at my excuses and my goals, planned, organised, and done my mindset lessons as per Mish's instructions.  But there was one thing I haven't covered yet, and that is why I am doing this.  Yes Yes, to be happy, but why is it so important to my happiness?  Well, let us start with my number one reason:  my family!

I am sad to say that I don't really see myself as a "good" mother.  I'm not a bad mother...  my kids are looked after and fed, sent to school, kept clean, and loved, however, I feel something is missing.  There is that 'extra mile' that I feel I need to go to to make it into 'good' mother territory.  My eldest son has severe behaviorial difficulties.  At home he is just a 'hard work' type kid.. and unfortunatly, he tends to end up on the computer/PS3 or tv most of the time just because I don't have the time/energy to deal with him, or sometimes, even the know how.  gosh that sounds terrible! 

Now, I have two younger boys as well - no behaviorial problems but due to the enivironment, they too spend a lot of time on the computer or PS3.  I need to change this.  I need to get my family out of the house.  The trampoline is great - the boys will go out there and play if /when they ever drag themselves out from in front of the screen.  But I need to do more! 

So today I am buying that boxing bag.. for me, my husband, and my kids!  I'm also getting a second soccer ball (maybe a third) and a goal for them too!  We will have a look at what else in the shop while we are there and see if anything takes their fancy!  I will report back later with how it went!

Reporting back:  We have a punching bag for the boys and I! Yippee!  JD (who tends to have a quick temper) is loving it!  He is out there now, boxing a way in his undies!  DJ had a little go as well (my eldest) once I dragged him off the computer and he lashed out pretty wildly - but a few words "tuck your elbows in", "aim for the middle of the bag for the jabs, sides for hooks" .. and he was powering away.  Even threw in a few roundhouse kicks to show off! lol  CT (the youngest) just thought it was pretty fun and went a little rank!

I can't wait to have a good go at it tomorrow - I might try my super saturday at home this weekend!

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