Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Living for now.

I can't change yesterday, tomorrow is not worth worrying about, and that just leaves today!  So what am I going to do today? 

Today I will make good choices.  Choices that will lead me to my goal weight.  Choices that will nourish my body and feed my soul.

It is weird that it has taken  me so long to get such a simple basic concept.  And weird that it changes everything so much.

The guilt of yesterday, the bad choices, the good choices, everything.. it's gone.  Each day I need to re-affirm my place in the world.  I need to reaffirm that I am wonderful, intelligent, healthy, strong, fit, kind, nurturing, and, of course, sexy as!
And the pressures of tomorrow, the stress of the future, the potential to put things off as well!  that is all gone.  The pressure of the ultimate goal is not there to challenge me, success or failure is not on my radar.  Tomorrow is not there as a back up either.  today is what matters.

So today, I shall be me in all my glory!

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