Saturday, July 9, 2011

From zero to sixty..

Smashing it up.. Burpee style!
Burpees that is!  That is right.  I ventured into the land of the burpee... Big Time!  I needed to recover from a bad day yesterday with a good challenge.  I not only exercised at home, but I completed 2 rounds of next weeks mini milestone SSS!.

You see, yesterday I decided to play on the slippery slide.  It started with a half a hash brown from Maccas (because I reward my kids with bad food.. go figure).  Then we went for KFC for lunch.. again feeding my kids crap as a way to reward them.  Instead of having the leftover chicken satay, I had a wicked wings snack pack- chips and all - 530 cals! A bad choice, but, thought I, a nice light dinner, work hard at the gym, I will be fine.

But then all hell broke loose!  I lost my days work on the computer.  Stupid me had opened my file from email and not saved it on my hard-drive - meaning all the autosaves and saves were in a temp file that disappears when Word closes.  And close it did!  I had decided to put in a table of contents before emailing it off to my lecturer and that is when Word pooped itself, restarted and I was back to the file I had opened 6 hours earlier.  A stupid mistake, and one I have made before so I should know better!

Now, this put me in stress mode.  Hubby had already come home saying he wanted fish and chips for dinner, I was heading to the gym at 6.30pm,   I was hungry from not having a snack, I wanted to see if I could recover the document, needed to catch up my work to send it off... result = one huge peice of battered fish and a couple of chips and an awful sick feeling all night, and all morning.  And, I missed my gym session.  
Add to that an awful night's sleep - a midnight 'cold tablet' due to a stuffed up nose, and I slept in until 11am this morning!  I still felt like poop but I got my shit together and went and did 2 rounds of next weeks mini milestone .. including 60 burpees!

Until Wednesday I had never done a burpee but this week I had a go at one and hurt my thumb in the process!  But today I did 60 of them!  My workout went like this:

5min warm up run
30 lunges (each side)
30 step ups (each side) - I only had a small step so did them really fast!
30 squats
30 push-ups
15 reverse pull-ups/ 30 back extensions on the mini coupe (the kids version!)
30 crunches
30 burpees
5min run and back to the lunges for one more round.

it took me an hour and killed 335 cals which is pretty high for me (anywhere between 300 and 400 is a hard session for me). 

Crunch, baby,Crunch!

But what made my day was that my middle child, JD, joined me.. he was doing his own boxing circuit - some punches, run around the trampoline, do some flips/rolls/push-ups on the tramp, back to the punching bag and smash it out some more.. etc.  So cute!  The little guy is 8 years old and sooo sweet!  He is the one to thank for these lovely pictures of me..
When Burpees Go Bad.... 
Doing the Burpee!
The last one.. I think my face says it all!

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