Thursday, July 14, 2011

Food Diary 14/7 (Thursday)

Current Weight: 54.8kg
Goal Weight: 49kg


golden syrup flavoured oats w/~125mL of Skinny milk
cuppa tea w/natvia and ~80mL of Skinny milk

Taking to Work:
Bodywise bar (Omega 3 Boost)
Forme no fat (Strawberry)

Afternoon Tea:
cuppa tea (natvia and ~80mL Skinny milk)
egg on toast (no butter, spray of oil)
1/2 lamington
5 peanut m&m's
10 chicken crimpy biscuits

Way too many M&M's
chocolatte (no milk)

small tin of baked beans

~1200 cals (shame about those m&m's! I should have had my steamed fish fillet!)
Strong Man Training and 2km run (-500cals)

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