Saturday, July 16, 2011

Food Diary 16/7 (Saturday)

Today's weight: 54.5kg
Goal Weight: 49.0kg

Weightwatchers quick oats with 120mL Skinny milk
Cuppa tea made with natvia and 80mL Skinny milk
Morning Tea:
Bodywise Bar (Omega 3 Boost)
2 strawberries
half a mini quiche, spring roll, cheese and bacon puff
2 timtams, 2 mint slice
cuppa tea x 2 (1st with 1teaspoon of sugar and 30mL of milk, 2nd with natvia and 60mL skinny milk)
Afternoon Tea:
Dominos Chicken and Mushroom good choice Pizza.
Small slice of cheese burst Ham and Pineapple as well.
Followed up with quite a few Peanut m&m's and another cuppa tea
Yet I was still starving later on and needed a small tin of baked beans to let me sleep!

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