Friday, July 15, 2011

What a difference!

Okay, so I am not dropping huge amounts of weight.   I only a few kg to lose, and have lost about 6-8kg since I started with Mish's program, and the weight I lost in the round last year, I pretty much had to 're-lose' this year.  So today I got a haircut and in the process, had a browse though some pics...

 So this was me a couple of days ago.. very happy that the double chins are disappearing.

Anyways, I went for a passport photo and it was baaaaad.  The hair was lank and horrid so I went for an emergency haircut!  Results below!  Oh, and I am wearing only size 8 clothes!

And just a quick flashback to January 2011, before round 1 this year!
What a difference 5kg can make!

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