Saturday, October 30, 2010

Goal - a Re-Evaluation.

Due to the 'bleep' that has been the last couple of weeks, I am off track for my goal.  So I am re-setting my goals.

My main goal is to get under 55kg before the end of the challenge.  I weighed in at 58.1kg this morning (only 700g down from my first weigh-in) so I can break it down like this:

Week 7 - 57.5kg
Week 8 - 57.0kg
Week 9 - 56.5kg
Week 10 - 56.0kg
Week 11 - 55.5kg
Week 12 - 55.0kg

That is half a kilo a week and totally acheivable.
Now, I also have my swimming and running goals..

By the end of the challenge I would like to be doing at least two laps of the pool (50m) without stopping.  It has taken me 6 weeks to get to 25m, so allowing 6wks to get to 50m seems reasonable.

Running - I just need to get a regular training routing going rather then just 3x 5km runs.  I want to get my interval training happening so I can increase my speed even further, and to do long runs on Saturdays.  I think I need to commit to a Tuesday training session with the running club.  I don't know if I am ready though so I will just give a tentative 'maybe' for now! lol 

So by the end of the challenge I want to have a regular 10km saturday run happening, and to be going to Tuesday training sessions!

I also need to do toning and yoga sessions!

I want to be able to do a sit-up and to hold a plank for 60secs!  I would also like to look into body shaping (rather then body building) and to do up a good routine specifically for my body!

Mmmmm Have I been specific enough?  I think I will need to re-do this again a few times to really get my goals down pat, but I will be 'diarise and organise'ing very soon and that really does help in clarifying my goals!

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