Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 3 (Day 21) Thesis Writing - Nearly Done

Okay, so I am not nearly done! 
But I have a week to finish the lab work and write my thesis, then a week for edits before printing.

So I am accepting that the next 2 weeks will be priority thesis and not 12wbt.  I will be doing my running as per usual but my toning and stretching days seem to have disappeared and I don't have the mental energy to apply to it right now.  Once I get the bulk of the work done I will get back into this but for now, I am going to focus on my work.

My diet has pretty much gone to shit - I've had a stomach bug which has had me barely eating so I've been picking at crap rather then planning meals.  My partner has to cook and he has no idea on healthy even when I prepare everything (eg. he deep fried fish rather then pan-frying.. dufus head!).  So short of being a cow and refusing to eat what he cooks, I have to suck it up for now.  I don't have time to plan all the meals, do the shopping, and cook everything, as well as make sure the ingredients are not eaten by the kids!

I'm feeling really frustrated to be honest.. I want this but I feel like my partner is just too useless to do anything right.  I mean, he cooks and cleans but does such a bad job that it would be easier to do it myself I think!  But how fair is it that I am studying full-time (will be working full-time in a couple of weeks) and still have to do the budgeting, organising kids therapy, meal planning, house cleaning (except for stacking the dishwasher and wiping down a quarter of the kitchen bench after dinner).. man, the lawns havn'et even been mown!  He works part-time, around 30hrs a week so is gone from 9am to 3pm, but I am taking the kids to school and picking them up because his car doesn't have enough seats (I can't drive his car because it's an old crappy ute and I am too short!).  OH bah.. I am so whinging aren't I?

Okay, I need to get in and do my work now.  The sooner it is done, the sooner I can relax!

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  1. Hang in there Jen. I'm in a similiar situation only I don't have a lazy husband. I just don't have one at all and the kids always want my attention. I have a great shedule that I set out and try to stick to. it helps to make it clear to the kids as well that this is the schedule and they have to fit into it. I think a part of being a good wife and mother is to make sure there are boundaries. It doesn't hurt the kids to have a few chores, rules and a shedule. Let me know if you want to take a look at my schedule.