Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 3 (Day 17) Weigh In


Not what I wanted given the other day I had hit 57.5kg and bragged to the world! I must remember that the day after my long run is my low kg day!

So back to counting calories today!

special K chocolatey bar (88cals)
Forme yogurt (69cals)
3 strawberries and some blueberries (30cals)
150g tin of baked beans (110cals)
Lasagne for lunch (from 12wbt) (275 cals)
2nd special K chocolatey bar (88cals)
bbq mushroom cabiatta biggest loser pizzer (3/4 plus a bit of meatlovers) (400cals)
I have a weight watchers icecream for after though (100cals)
and have still enough calories for an apple or an hot chocolate.

Way over on the carbs, way under on the protein though calorie king didn't have the details on the lasagna, but any protein with that was probably offset by even more carbs!  I need to start getting that balance right!  But I am very happy that I am, or will be, at nice 250 - 300 cals in deficit today!

I feel so much more in control!

Exercise.. today is 5km run - but I am going to go backwards today to mix up the hills!
I nearly forgot to do this but it was so much fun I think I might do it again!

Time to work on thesis!  I hardly got anything done today.. big effort required tomorrow!


  1. dont be too hard on yourself about the weight.
    Weight can flucuate through out the week so weighing on different days may give you different results.

    Your doing good job and keep up good work