Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 5 (Monday) Keep on Keeping On

I'm soldering on.

That is about it.  I have my 500ml of water beside.. which I will drink after my second cuppa tea and some oats for breakfast.  So far today I have:

  • Made my bed
  • Swept the dining room and cleared the table
  • Gave kids cereal for breakfast
  • Stacked the dishwasher and wiped down the sink
  • Put on some washing.. my sports gear
  • Had my forum time
  • and now posted on my blog..

My goal list for today

  • Write up at least 5 pages of my thesis
  • Eat breakfast
  • Hang out my washing
  • Put on a load of towels
  • Bring in some washing and fold (the line is full already so lots to do!)
  • Make up morning tea and lunch, plan dinner, and clean up as I go.
  • Call the post office and get my parcel re-directed
  • Run at least 5kms - maybe do a fast one tonight followed by some good stretching time.
I'm tired - I am so stressed about my thesis that I am having trouble sleeping.  My nose is runny and yuk, I need to take my anti-histamine today.  It's a pupil free day (at least I don't have to shower and dress to take kids to school and pick them up!) and we have 'friends' over whose parents work.

Yesterday I had a great day - I went to the beach wearing my two peice bathing suit - it actually fit me properly for the first time since I bought it! lol  I didn't have to pull the tankini down constantly (though it needed the occasional adjustment) and I felt awesome - so annoyed that dispite dropping hints the dufus head didnt' take any photos of me running around at the beach sans baggy shirt and short for the first time in ages!  Twas a great day and I am sure I came in under 1200 cals even though my diet consisted of egg and mushroom omlette for breakfast, chocolate cookies for lunch and KFC for dinner followed by cheap arse icecream with ice magic for dessert!  I just wasn't that hungry so didn't eat much of anything.  Oh, and yesterday morning, the scales declared that I was 56.7kg - the first time they have been in the 56kg range in two years!  It feels soo good!  Though I feel a bit guilty that I seem to be cheating so much but still getting losses - I guess I am running a great deal and being consistent with that and even though I am eating crap, I am not eating too much (bar the family block of chocolate but I burnt 600+ cals running that day!).  I need to eat better and then I will see better results on the scales... I really want to get to 55kg quick smart (like next week! lol).  Enough stuffing about - time to get to my to-do list and writing my thesis...

Have a great day everyone and smash it up!


  1. Well done Jen, You are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work

  2. Whooo - congrats on the 56's and a bit lol at you not getting the photo. We spend so much of our life hiding from the camera it gets a bit tricky when we actually want the photo taken.

    Way to go on getting your list done. I think I may need to have a list to attack in the coming weeks, I have been focussing so much on me that everything around me seems to have fallen over somewhat - oopsy.

    Keep up the great running - you are doing so well.