Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 6 (Saturday) My Swim Class

I totally rock!

25m of the pool - freestyle and breaststroke - Goal Acheived!

The only time I stopped mid-lap was when I trying two laps in a row.  So I now have my next goal...

50m of the pool in freestyle!

and while I am there.. my butterfly kick is "impressive" so the next thing is to add arms - next week apparently!

I am so happy with this.  I don't think I quite rank as a 'swimmer' as yet but I am getting there!  It was pretty cool actually, there was another trainer there today, getting up her hours for her certificate, and we were talking about what my goals were and how I was going with them and it was so nice to feel like I could hold my own in the conversation.  I had goals, I new where I was in acheiving them.  Here was this person, who I would have been so intimidated of previously,  and I was on an equal footing!  Maybe not as fit, but that same attitude, the same area of interest.  It was cool!
I feel like I could actually go out and start making friends, getting into the social scene of fitness!  I am starting to feel proud of myself and who I am.  Afterall, I have achieved a lot to go from someone who couldn't leave the house for years to someone who could go out, get my driver's licence, go to uni and get my degree, get my Honours, and pretty soon, get a job.  And I have lost over 10kg, learnt to run up to 10kms, run in 3 5km races and am now learning to swim!  And all that while raising 3 boys with special needs!

My life rocks!

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