Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week 2 (Day 13) Swimming - I did it!


I swam a lap of the pool, not just once, but four times - in a row!

I got it!  I needed to blow 'big' bubbles and it just worked!

I had a go at breaststroke as well which was interesting! And I think swapping the strokes helped overcome that mental barrier about freestyle as well.  Thankfully my basic stroke is okay so I should be able to just cruise it on in from here!

oh.. 250 calories burnt in the hour!  Yey!

I'm gonna ride my pushie into uni now and do some work on my thesis, then pushie on back and do my 7km run this afternoon.  The kids are heading to the beach with their pushies - so jealous!  But given I have managed to score a nice tan in the hour I was swimming at 8am this morning I am kinda thinking I would get crispified at the beach today!  lol I am lucky enough to brown easily but I do get red if I push it!

I am soo on a high!  I feel so good that I finally conquered that lap!

I will up date with further calories burnt as I go!

cuppa tea
egg on toast
another cuppa
and another apple
wholegrain bread sandwich with corn relish, ham (40g), snow pea sprouts and cucumber
small tin of baked beans
cuppa tea
slice of chicken - with lemon and basil - with sweet potato and zucchini for the vegies.

push bike - didn't wear hrm so no idea but about 5ks all up
swimming - 250cals (as mentioned earlier)
Running (7km) - 430 cals

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  1. So great to hear you're back on track! Yaaayyyyy with the swimming!