Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 5 (Tuesday) I like Lists!

Well yesterday was great!  My list helped so much! 

So I am going to do it again!

So far today I have:

  • Had breakfast (egg on toast no butter)
  • Stacked dishwasher and wiped down sink and bench
  • Put on a load of washing
  • Made my bed
  • Had my forum time and wrote in my blog!
  • Chicken out to defrost for dinner
Left to do:

  • Meeting at uni
  • Quick shop for a few things
  • write at least 5 pages on my thesis (IL-6 results today)
  • Do edits on results page (still need to go to uni to edit graphs and put them in)
  • clear dining table ready for work
  • hang out washing
  • bring in, fold and put away some washing
  • Chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight
  • Mow the lawn out the front.

Okay, so that is HEAPS to do but hopefully I will get through it all.  The mowing is my exercise - I will put on my hrm and see how many cals I burn! lol  Okay, need to get to it so I head off to my meeting now and report back in as I go!

Hopefully I won't eat too much crap today! lol

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