Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 5 (Wednesday) Is that TOTM again?

I think it must be around the corner (TOTM stands for that time of the month).

I've had the worst day yesterday, and today is set to be a humdinger as well.  Three kids home sick, thesis to write, fight with hubby who can't seem to ring up and say "I can't work" but instead rings up to ask 'if they can cope without him today' to which they of course said no.  So much for support for getting my Honours done and dusted.

Yesterdays failures:

  • the list didn't get done
  • my supervisor turned up late for my appt.
  • my thesis didn't get touched (except for editing my results section)
  • my 11yo boy threw the tantrum from hell and I just didn't cope at all.
  • I ate take out noodle box stuff until my stomach was so full I was ready to vomit!
  • Plus chocolate.
  • plus late night so now I am tired.

Today I am going to:

  • meet with supervisor
  • write 5 pages of my thesis
  • use my 10 min breaks to do housework.. whatever I can, it doesn't matter.
  • Have a nap at 2pm
  • run 5k this afternoon.

Now week one or two was my last period so I am expected it to turn up again soon.  I kinda really really hope so - at least then I have an excuse for feeling so stressed and tired.  Right now I am ready to kick the other half out my life as I honestly reckon life would be so much easier without him - just not yet!  lol I need his cooking and wiping up after dinner (all the housework he does) until I get this done!

OH wiegh in was 57.7kg so up a kilo since saturday!  Was better then I expected given my track record this week!

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