Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 5 (Saturday) Swimming Etc

Swimming lesson again this morning!

8am I rocked up, rearing to go!  I remembered not to eat heavily before going so I had eaten 2 peices of toast with a slight smidgeon of butter and my cuppa at 7am. 

I jumped in for my swim, relishing the fact that it was sunny and NOT windy!  The water was just nice - a little chilly at first but perfect after 30secs of adjustment!  My first warm up lap I just waded and kept my head up and then freestyle back.  I had to do a few laps before I managed to get a full 25m lap without stopping.  It seems to take a bit for my lungs to warm up.  Then after half an hour we switched to breaststroke and I was quite happy that I was getting comfortable with it and making it about half way down the pool before stopping.  Then Mon says 'a full lap please'!  lol My head said 'no way' but I had a crack at it anyway.  Lo and behold, I did it!  So I can now do a full lap of breaststroke. 

While I was on a high I was told to do a couple of laps of freestyle and of course they seemed easy the breaststroke and although I had a break between laps, I managed two in a row without stopping.  I do have to watch my legs as I tend to bend them to kick myself out of the water when I breathe, which of course makes it harder to breathe! lol

I am learning to do butterfly kicking now and I had four laps with the kickboard.  Towards the end I changed from thinking that I was moving like a dolphin to moving like a mermaid and it seemed a bit easier then! So from now on I will be picturing Arial moving through the water in "The little Mermaid" as my focus for my butterfly kicking - much more graceful then a human pretending to be a dolphin (aka Rob Schneider in "The Animal").

I finished up with another lap of freestyle  and then just a bit of relaxing and chatting before heading off.  I am always sad at the end of the lesson and today I am also very sore!  My crappy eating this week has drained my energy resources and I am really feeling it!  My legs and my shoulders are aching already with my tummy muscles also complaining a little by playing with my digestive tract (lol it makes me burp!) and of course, my nose is now running like a tap in spite of taking my hayfever meds this morning!

But it is oh so worth it!

And now to get to work with my due date a week away!  I spent last night fixing up my graphs which I will finish off now, and then on to the final work on my lit review.  I will send that off tonight and before bed I will go through my discussion and do a quick re-structure.  Tomorrows focus will be getting what I have done complete and working on doing a another lot of correlations.

OH, and today, at lunch time, I need to pop up and get my race pack for tomorrow morning!  yey!

Heading off to start my work now!  Catch you all tomorrow with an update from my run!

A quick update before I head off to bed!  I have my running bib and shoe tag for tomorrows run which I am hugely excited about but I am even more pleased to say that I finally got my lit review done and dusted and sent off for final edits!  So happy.  Just my discussion left to do now so I will start that once I finish my run!  Sigh, now to pack up my huge pile of research papers (I have like 550 papers printed out - no wonder I have run out of ink a hundred times this year! lol) and get my bed ready for sleeping!  yey!


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