Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 3 (Day 18) Planning

The preseason task "organise and diarise' is taking on new meaning for me today!
I've decided to allow 30mins each morning to organise my day and list the things I need to do.  How stress relieving!  I am now sitting here knowing I have four minutes until I need to start work, I have tonights recipe printed off and ready to take home at lunch time (a whole hour!) for D to get ready for dinner, and I have time allotted to do everything I need to do - even exercise!  (I'm kinda cheating and just doing a 10min abs toning video during lunch but hey - its better then nothing!)

So food today:
special K with blueberries and a cuppa for breakfast
1/2 a forme yogurt with blueberries and 2 strawberries for morning tea
Lunch I will go home for so not sure what I will have
baked beans for afternoon tea
Dinner will be shepards pie

abs workout.


  1. Well done. Organisation is such a key part to all this. I hope you find it helps you

  2. gosh so needed to read that, organisation is my downfall!! good girl

    Jen :)

  3. yep thats what i might do too
    i find that twitter, forums and facebook take up alot of my time....
    i too need to really organise myself which is strange why i cant cause i am normally a really organised person.
    when i have my mning coffee before kids get up i might do the organisational thing for the day too
    thanks for this post really helped