Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 4 (Day 25) The Slippery Slope

Well, you have seen it happening in the blog.. me sliding down the slippery slope away from my goals, away from the 12wbt meal plan and exercise plan.  It started with a chocolate bar and ended up with a day with three meals bought from maccas - including a chocolate sundae.  I've only been doing my runs for exercise - the toning and stretching haven't been happening.

So, now my lab work is over, I have a little time to re-focus!  Yesterday was spent re-doing this weeks meal plan and doing a quick shop.  I feel so much better already!  Just knowing I have a plan is so invigorating! I still need to work out a plan for doing my toning - I really have a mental block there.  The ab work - yeah, I can see a goal there, but the other stuff.. meh. 

I have a few plans but I will go through them a little at a time as I now need to get stuck into my thesis writing for today!

I will make an hour for exercising today!

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