Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 6 (Monday) Last Week of Excuses.

So this week is my last week of thesis writing.  My last excuse is almost over!

I just realised I missed my run this afternoon, and because I was writing.  Yet this morning I faffed about watching tv instead of writing.  I really need to lock myself in a room to do this and just get it done!  No tv, no internet, no chocolate - just thinking space! 
I am disappointed in myself as I haven't been a women of my word.  I havne't stuck to the plan and I have allowed myself to use my thesis writing as an excuse when in fact it was simply my laziness.  I've only been doing my running - no strength work and my yoga only happened once.  I am concentrating on the positives though - I am doing the running consistently, and learning to swim, and I am very very very slowly losing some weight.  I feel better and healthier - but I know I could do better!

I will allow myself this last week to get myself in order and then I will have the remainder of my time to really kick butt and earn my shirt (if it ever arrives!). 

Off I go to write and no procrastinating.  I will finish it asap so I can get back to my health and well-being so I get the most out of the program in the time I have left!

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