Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 6 (Friday) Back to the Excuses!

Oh I hate excuses!  I have a hundred of them that are not even worth listing.

The main ones are that I am too busy, too tired, too everything when in reality I am just not making the right choices which makes it even harder again to make those good choices.  If I eat crappy, then I have trouble sleeping so I am tired and can't exercise and eat crappy and have trouble sleeping. 

I need to break the cycle and Just F'n Do It!

That is, I think, the main thing to learn from this excuses exercise - there are too many of them to worry about individually but they are all the same.

The hard part is learning what is learning what is and isn't in my control.  One of the reasons I have been not been happy with my progress so far is that I am using my thesis as an excuse when in reality, what I eat and when I exercise is still in my control and I am choosing not to do it.  Not because of my thesis and workload, but because I have the excuse and I let myself use it!

Not anymore!  I can still do this!  I want it so bad!

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