Monday, September 13, 2010

13 September 2010

Early start on my food diary today!

Egg on toast
cuppa tea
forme yogurt
6 almonds, 1lrge strawberry
1 apple (green and yummy!)
1 cheese toasted sandwich (I was starving!)
1 orange
600mL water

Scales this morning said 59.2 so only a 100g loss since last week, bit disappointed!
Only one week to go until kick-off - I will be in the 58's by then!
Off to get ready for my run!


Run is complete - just waiting for hubby to serve up dinner to his hard-working wife!
(the way it should be!)

5.42km total
5min walk to warm up
35.16mins running at around 7min/km

In that 40mins I burnt 371 calories (bye bye Mr Cheese Sandwich!).

Be back later with a 'what I had for dinner' update!  Rivoting stuff!

Okay - dinner was a scoop of spag bog and a scoop of pasta, followed up with a tonne of green veg.  I had to have a vegemite sandwich before I could fall asleep though!  I am worried about that throughout the challenge - that I will need to eat to sleep and go over my calorie limit.  So long as I don't eat back all my calories, I will have to see just how much I am losing on the program and adjust to my comfort level as I go down the scales!

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