Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's a Super Saturday... FLOP!

Normally, right now, I would posting about my adventures learning to swim but alas today is a flop.  It is POURING, not just raining... POURING!  So I took the opportunity to get out early for my grocery shop which is always a good thing given the overcrowding at our local shopping centre on a Saturday morning!  Being early and raining meant it was 'normal' at 9am but my 10am, by gosh it was getting busy!  So glad to be heading out and not in, at that time!

So I don't know if my run will be on this afternoon, storms are predicted so I figure it will only get worse.  I might just get in and do some sparkpeople 10min cardio vids and see how I go (the jumping one is a killer!)!

Now, due to rain, I've been unable to get my 1km time trial done so I am going to do what I should have done anyway (because it is more in line with my goals) and take my mins/km run speed from my last run from runkeeper.  It breaks up my run into each kilometer and the time it took to run it which is really convenient for this!  In the absence of a better option I feel this is what I shall have to do!

On a brighter note... scales this morning said 58.2kg!  whoo whoot!

Food Diary:
egg on toast
yogurt (1/2 serve) with blueberries and strawberries!
jarrah hot chocolatte with about 30mL of physical milk added
wrap with corn relish, lettuce, 40g chicken, leftover cottage cheese, 1 roma tomato and some lebanese cucumber.
billabong icecream (80cals.. wtf?  Awesomeness)
ministrone soup is cooking for dinner tonight (via slow cooker)!
.... which I have now eaten with a piece of parmasan bread (aka sizzler bread!).
another hot choc and a mini tin of baked beans at about 10pm as I was up watching a movie!

Exercise.. I ended up going for my run as the rain had eased to spitting by 4pm.  I did the 45mins minimum recommended for today and managed a nice 6km in that time!  I just cruised along today too so I am pretty impressed... 374 calories burnt in 47mins!


  1. Well done on the scales. i am trying to be good and not jump on the scales until wednesday.

    Its a bugger when it pours like you say and you cant do your exercise. It has been pouring here too and i decided to do my time trial yesturday instead of today and i am glad i did.

    Goodluck, you are doing a great job!!

  2. Jen, your soup looks awesome. Well done with the weight this morning.
    Looking forward to the next swimming installment