Friday, September 24, 2010


Eating to plan.. mostly!  I think I had an extra serve of yogurt and berries yesterday because I was hungry before bed.

I am down today - my eldest son had a bad morning (which I have conveniently blamed on their father who decided to let them have a late night last night) and I just haven't recovered.

I bought a yoga dvd and topped up the shopping so I am off to do my yoga before have grape and chicken salad.. mmmmm interesting!

Hopefully the day gets better without me having to resort to chocolate!

Food diary today:
special K w/ strawberries and blueberries
yogurt w/strawberries and blueberries
cuppa tea
chicken, grape, feta and walnut salad
Lasagna (used 100g extra meat, one less pasta sheet and only a tiny bit of parmasan cheese)
one red mars bar (sob sob)
small tin of baked beans.

30mins yoga

Edit at 1.15pm - Day is not getting better - had to pick up children from care as eldest was not able to co-operate with staff.  Little ones are in cleaning their room, eldest is sulking in lounge with no tv, x-box or computer.


  1. Hang in there Jen, You've made an amazing start

  2. No chocolate allowed.. Do the new DVD instead lol.. hope your day gets better though sounds harsh.