Friday, September 24, 2010

My adventures in Yoga!

And what an adventure it was.

I decided to stick with the program and do light exercise on Fridays - Yoga.
Flexibility is one of my goals - I love that feeling of freedom that comes from movement, and if you aren't flexible.. there ain't much movement going on!  I used to be able to do the splits and cartwheels and kick my leg a mile in the air but alas, I now cannot even cross my legs.

My adventure began early today with a trip to BigW to pick up a cheap yoga pack - dvd, mat, block, and belt.  I have to say, surely there could have been an option other then pink???  Needless to say, before I adventure into a public setting for my yoga, I will be updating with the stuff I have seen at kmart I think, which as a nice 'greenie/ethical' feel to it, in both style and substance (though I will check this as often stuff advertised as 'green or ethically produced' is just a marketing scam!).  $30 later I head home.

I throw the dvd in the computer, mat on the floor, block and belt in hand and begin.  Sit comfortably they say - ummm... first obstacle.  Remember a few sentence back when I said I couldn't cross my legs.. I meant it!  So 'comfortable' was one leg out, one leg bent.  That was fine until the next move - lift you left foot onto your right thigh.. umm... nope, not gonna happen.  I did my best.

The next move however.. lie on your side, knees bent, arms out, bring one arm up and over your body and, while keeping hips facing sideways, try and rest your shoulder blade to the ground.  The instructor reassured me that this is something to aim for and that I might not achieve.  Well, lo and behold, I breathe, relax and easily find the pose.  Quite a few came very easily, some not so easily.  My back is very flexible it seems, but hips/upper legs are not. 

I would like to sit cross-legged without my knee being up at shoulder level (my left knee really does sit up that high! my right is fine!).

I got through the half hour and really enjoyed it.  Some of the poses were quite hard, but it was so wonderful to find that some of them I could do, even if I did have to work at it!


  1. You've nearly talking me into trying a yoga dvd - I've never been that keen on the whole yoga thing, but these dvds for home might be what I need...

  2. Nice work! I bit the bullet and went to a body balance class - didn't really enjoy it all that much - might try a DVD!

    :) Doing a great job Jen!

  3. good job..i too would like to improve on my flexability so when i get a bit of cash might go and get a dvd, come to think of it i think its on my wii

    keep up the good work