Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pre-season Task 5: Commitment.

by Hamid Bahrami
I kinda didn't get this one.  I wrote down my goals - of course I am committed...

But then, on Sunday night, I made a commitment to run on Monday morning with the exception of pouring rain.  Well, I had a crap night's sleep, didn't end up falling asleep til past midnight and yes, it was raining but I hardly stirred to turn off the alarm and continued sleeping without even registering the rain.  I felt a bit disappointed when I did wake up but hey, I had had a crappy sleep and it was raining!  So I went about my normal morning routine, logged on to the forum at work and low and behold, the Commitment task was there to read.

I pondered it, didn't quite get it.  Yeah, of course I commit to it... derr!  The money is gone from my credit card, I've done the pre-season tasks haven't I?

I then opened up my twitter page and saw that I had committed to something and failed to follow through. 

The world is full of good intentions and they get you bloody nowhere!  Good intentions are nothing, nada, zip.  I have plenty of them.  I intend to do a lot of things that are wonderful and grand and never ever happen. I procrastinate, I make excuses, I blame others, I blame myself and then wallow in self pity.

And finally it clicked.  I'm not just saying I am going to do something.  I am not just intending to do something.  I am COMMITTING to doing something.

That means: no excuses, no procrastinating, no blaming others.

I am not saying, I will wake up at 6am every day and run for exactly 5km.  That is a plan, but not what I am committing to. 

I am committing to doing what I need to to get to my goal - lose 10kg, to run 5k in under 30mins, to run 10k without stopping, and to learn to swim 100m without stopping.  Plans change, shit happens, but come hell or highwater, I WILL get it done.  It won't be perfect, it won't be pretty, it may even well and truely suck!  But it will get done.  I might not be able to get it done in the 12 weeks - but I will get it done.

That is what commitment means.

So at 4pm, I threw on my jogging clothes and grabbed my iPhone and even though I couldn't find my earplugs, I ran.  I went for the run that I commited to.  It wasn't perfect, it was way past the time frame I had allowed, but I did it.

My word means something.
I mean something.


  1. great post and so true. You definatly understood the gist of this challange

  2. Excellent insight Jen. You are so right. I'm borrowing that, if you don't mind!

  3. You are well and truly on your way, Jen. It took me 10 weeks to learn this lesson from Round 2.... You're looking good for this round!! Smash it!