Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Graduation Day

I am not doing a food diary today yesterday.

I had oats for breakfast, cakes for morning tea, a salad sandwich for lunch and then sizzlers for dinner.

I did not gorge myself though like a normally would, I took the small mini sized muffins at morning tea (though I did go back a few times!) and at Sizzlers I only put small servings on my plate at a time and left the chips and apple pie for last so I only had small servings of those!  It was a celebration day and I now understand why Mish says to plan for them.  I know I did well in that I didn't gorge myself, but I was out of my routine with food and that meant I sometimes didn't have much choice - like the mini muffins were the 'refreshments' provided at a photo shoot that went for ages longer then I thought and it was more like lunch time when we got them!  I also thought I would be at uni for another two hours before I got to have my next proper meal so it was muffins or starve! I was able to get home for a salad sandwich before I got to the 'eat now or starve phase' again! 
I will have to exercise today for sure though!

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