Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The buck stops here!

It really does.  I mean, what am I waiting for?  I know how to lose weight - it really isn't that hard.  The body conditioning I need Mish's program for, but gee, I can run!  How many people can say that they can run 5km 3 times a week?  I can!  So why aren't I out there doing it?  What am I waiting for?

And as for food.  Of course I can have a chocolate cupcake, the challenge hasn't started yet!  May I one day forgive myself!  I popped to the shop and grabbed some strawberries to snack on today and a lean cuisine super yummy lasagna (a healthy one with spinach!).  That should get me through today! 

So it starts now.  No excuses.  I will run my three times a week, swimming on saturday morning, and I will make healthy food choice a priority!  I have my 1l bottle of water to keep me nourished and plenty of work to do on my thesis.  Mum will be here tomorrow night and I need to be healthy for her so she isnt' stressing her heart while she is visiting. 


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