Thursday, September 23, 2010

That was my dinner tonight - chicken with tarragon and mustard sauce.. and Dessert!

Well, only one of them is for me.. one each for the family!  And the kids had icecream with their's!
(Okay, the apple dessert was waaaay too sweet and I could only eat half of it.  And I had a peice of strawberry liquorish (sp?) instead!)


  1. Yummo! This looked great! I made it as well but a little differently. I chopped the chicken up into little chunks and cooked that and put it aside, then I stirfried the other veggies and added a little water rather then oil so they didn't stick (after spaying to begin with!) and then I added it to the chicken and made the sauce and then chucked it all back in together and it all got coated in the sauce. It was REALLY good ;-)

  2. That looks great! I didn't have squash so used broccoli and the mustard sauce was nicer than I was expecting. I skipped the dessert though, not a fan of sultanas!