Wednesday, September 22, 2010


58.7kg (-100g)

Off to a great start today!

Special K for breakfast
Lunch is packed:
Yogurt yum!
apple eaten just after my run - have an hour to wait till dinner!
Beef, avocado, tomato, lettuce.... oh no!  I forgot the mustard!
Looks like it will be a quick trip home for lunch!  Bugger!
Mountain Bread, cottage cheese, and cucumber all packed as well. OMG - soo yummy!  Unbelievable!  that was the yummist thing ever!
and my cool Bottle of water ( )
Dinner - I just need to buy the yogurt for my cauliflower soup.  Grabbing the yogurt when I pick up the kids from care!  No phone calls today!  Yippee!
(Gosh that sounds awful doesn't it?  Apparently the reports in state that it tastes fantastic! Odd!)
Not sure how great my cauliflower soup is going to turn out!  I realised that I don't have a 'large pot' large enough so I have to use my slow cooker - I cooked up the small ingredients in the pot but then added the 4cups of stock and tipped it into the slow cooker and added the cauliflower and the rest of the stock.  Just gotta hope that the cauliflower gets soft enough!

5k run is tonight for exercise   oh .. I think I am getting shin splints.. the bone of my shin is aching when I run.  I might head to the podiatrist if it doesn't get better over the next two days!  I couldn't find my HRM so went without it, but according the Runkeeper I burnt 350calories!

My chest is aching from all those push-ups yesterday though!  Killer!

Study wise... I am doing up my results today and will have a first run of the results section by Monday!
And I will be doing my section of my lit review over the same time frame!

To all my readers.. .you so totally rock!

I am thinking of doing a video thing but not sure what to say... should I or shouldn't I?????


  1. I'm wondering about the cauliflower soup as well, but I bought a cauliflower. How are you going with catering to the rest of the family as well?

  2. Dave usually does most of the cooking so he is happy having help in the kitchen but still cooks up his chips and extras for the kids.. it sux living a family of super skinny men!

  3. I do all the cooking (he does all the earning...).. and I feel obliged to serve up a good square meal each night. He doesn't have a weight problem at all, and neither do our girls - although the 17 yr old is developing her mother's "bum" a bit. She is the most vocal against being 'forced' to eat all 'healthy' stuff (should hear her rant about multigrain bread! Or lite milk.)... and I get told that 'you don't make teenage girls worry about their weight - do you want me to get an eating disorder?'.... And my 11 yr old would disappear if she lost any weight!

    How's that swimming going?

  4. lol Ask me about the swimming on Saturday! My last lesson was horrid! I think I was tired from the 3k bike ride there - my first ever bike ride in like 20years! lol Hopefully this next lesson will be better!

  5. Well done on the loss Jenifer, and on your continued organisation. I haven't made the cauliflower soup yet - I was a bit scared off. But a friend made it and said it was amazing. I will do it soon.

    I want to say a big thank you to you. I got a bit inspired by your swimming lessons and I went and bought a bathing suit tonight!! I can swim, but haven't for years and years due to my weight and embarrassment. I am going to do a post about them later but just wanted to let you know. x