Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pre-season Task 4: Gearing Up!

I so thought this task would be easy.  I mean, how hard can it be to collect some exercise equipment right?  I've certainly done it before and have a nice little box full of stuff that I never use.  Not to mention the fitball that constantly rolls around the house, because the kids play with it rather then me using it.

And yet I struggled.


I think it is because, this time, I am accountable.  If I say I am going to do it, then I am expected to do it.  Commitment.  No Excuses.  I actually feel like I am 'hunting' for excuses in my head not to do it and I can feel that frustration of 'I have to' - it reminds me of when I was a child throwing a tantrum!

There is also that sense of 'I want to do it properly' but maybe that is my perfectionist excuse coming up again.  I want that heart rate monitor, I want to join the gym, I want to get a personal trainer, I want to get that aerobic step, I want to get all the dvd's and books, I want to do yoga classes, I want to go to Zumba, I want.. I want....  Wahh!  Tantrum!

I need to suck it up and just do it.  I'm getting the swimming lessons, and I have decided to get the gym membership (found out I get a month free with a three month membership).  The heart rate monitor - well, I'm gonna see if I can win it in a challenge or something!  Or maybe stick on the hubbies credit card! lol

So what "Gear" do I currently have?

I have swimming lessons on Saturday mornings which will eventually turn into doing laps building up to 750m and then 1500m.
I have running three times a week, a normal run of 5k, an interval running session to build up speed, and a long run building up to 10k.
Now the strength training is where I am worried.  I would like to join the gym, but I don't want to be embarassed at the gym doing some wierd circuit training schedule Mish has put us on and look like a fool.  And even though no-one else really cares - I will feel embarrassed.  So maybe I should stick to dvd's for now?  I'm not sure.  This is the one where I will have to wait and see.
The stretching and yoga and abs exercise on Fridays I am a bit worried about as well.  I'm just not sure what I can commit to.  I have 'some' stuff at home, like the fitball and I have access to a few sparkpeople videos on utube I could use.  But I am just not sure!

Part of it is just not being sure what is expected, and part is over analysing as well.  I trying to think it too much.  I was only asked to figure out 'where' I was doing stuff - gym, home, outside, or a combination.  So it is really easy.  The cardio I am doing outside, the strength I am doing at gym hopefully!

The only other question is.. do I need a heartrate monitor?

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  1. Hey Jen!

    Re: the strength training. In round 2 I did her "outdoor" strength program indoors (in my house and over the internet with a lady in Tasmania!) We substituted the running warm up with a 10min routine from youtube and most of the strength exercises are body weight exercises.

    So NO EXCUSES!! ; )