Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 2 (Day 9) Confessions

Do I need to confess?

Well, I need to be accountable to myself and the purpose of the blog is to share my journey and that journey includes the internal battles that go on.  So now I shall open up my life and share some horrid things I did last night!!

My neice came to visit last night!  I haven't seen her in two or three years and she now has a little girl who is two.  Dave decided to get pizza take-out (he misunderstood me saying 'pizza night!') which I figured was okay as I hadn't had snacks so the 380cals for a biggest loser pizza was bareable. All went fine... I had nibbled at a few chocolate shavings but nothing constituting anything of substance - more a tasting.  I was happy with my pizza.. I ate it and it was so delicious!  And then I got the 'keep eating' urge that I always get but this time.. there was pizza in front of me and I indulged.  I had a peice (albeit a small one) of meatlovers pizza, and then followed it with two peices of garlic bread.  I decided against the spirte figuring I had better not push the limits too far!  I reckon I ate an extra 500 calories on top of the 380cals I had allowed for dinner.  Now, I had had special K for breakfast with low fat milk, half a serve of yogurt with blueberries for morning tea, and an egg and lettuce sandwich for lunch, two cuppa teas, and a hot chocolate (the 60cal type).  So all up I didn't blow out too bad, probably more a 'call it even' day, but I have lost the opportunity to lose more weight!

I got cocky - I know I hit 58.0kg on the scales that morning and lo and behold I 'deserve' a treat, or 'it doesn't matter, I know I've lost some'. 

On a more positive note, I did my 'quick' 20min run last night and got my 1km time down to 6:39 as the average.  Need to shave a bit more off though... I need to practice running at 6mins per kilometer if I am going to get a 5k in 30mins!

Food diary:
two x cuppa tea
going for some special K now... (late breakfast!)


  1. Jen, those voices inside that keep saying "eat me eat me" are so hard not to listen too. Keep plugging along

  2. I hate those voices... I have started brushing my teeth STRAIGHT after I have finished (even when people are still eating, which I think is rude.. but I do it anyway)

    Jen I love reading your blog... you ROCK!

  3. just see it as a minor bump in the road. you could have done alot worse but you didnt.

    Well done on your time for your 1km.