Thursday, September 23, 2010

DAY-4 Toning Day

Whoo hooot!

Just done my work-out - 150cal and some muscles built up.
Went to the shops this morning and picked up some more running shorts for the hot weather that will eventually get here when the rain goes away, some nice white sandshoes (nothing like white to show off an awesome set of legs with a nice (fake) tan!), and some shorts for the kids.
(lol shhhh - but the shorts for the kids are because I have run out  thanks to the rain!  Hopefully I won't have to run out to buy them more undies tomorrow! lol)

Food so far.. special k for breaky (had to use fall-fat milk coz I ran out of my low fat milk!)
Be natural honey and nut bar - about 100cals I think???

Lunch is cauliflower soup which I am heating up now!  Oh, I picked up a stick blender too - makes a huge difference to the cauliflower soup!    Creamy..... mmmmm!

I really feel like my entire life is changing!  I am eating food I would never dream of.. I'm exercising everyday with this wonderful vision of a flat, bikini ready stomach... I know it is only the beginning, but man, you know, it's those first steps - the anticipation, the fear, the excitment, the knowing it is gonna happen, knowing you're gonna have to work it at, but just KNOWING it is gonna happen!

ahhh!  I am soo excited!


  1. Go Jen! I am about to make that cauliflower soup. I can just have that tonight, and I'll make this baked veg & bacon and cous cous recipe for the rest of the clowns.

  2. Yay Jen! It really is exciting. Seeing the results at the end is going to be amazing!

  3. That is exciting. Though I am avoiding the food (I don't like soup!)