Saturday, September 18, 2010

Swimming Lesson No 3

Well today sucked!

I rode my bike in and I must have been worn out - I think only 2 laps I made it the whole way and I was so upset with myself.  I'm gonna have to join up so I can practice more often.

Important Numbers though...

My first super saturday....

in 2hrs I have done 30mins bike, 1hr swimming and 30mins bike.
A whopping 633calories!

And I still have my run to do later today!


Went for my run and it was fantastic!  Seemed so easy after the last week of building up.

42mins inc. 5min warm-up walk. 7.64km/hr avg speed
HRM: 46mins and 342 calories

So total it up and todays Cal out = 975.  Damn close to 1000cal for the day!

1 comment:

  1. Whooo Hoooo I love that you rode your bike to the pool... that almost sounds like triathalon training to me!
    633 cals is AWESOME!! (Puts my little 40min bike ride to shame!)
    You go girlfriend!