Thursday, September 16, 2010

What have I done?

Oh crap!

I can tell you now, my arse is so sore!

Yup, I bought a bike.  Last night, $99 at K-Mart, took me an hour to put together. The kids love the box...

I took it for a quick spin last night and realised in abotu 30secs that it has been a very very long time since I last rode a bike! I am a bit wobbly and unco-ordinated but I will practice.

This morning I decided to head into the lab early to get my plates put away and rode the bike in (about 2-3kms) which seems easy enough.  Of course, I forgot the hill.  So yes, I walked that 50m!  The damn thing has gears too so course I seemed to have it set to 'kill your thighs' which although painful, should surely help achieve my goals!  It was so nice getting out and about in the morning but I wish I had of remembered to throw on my HRM, I reckon a good 100cals were burnt in that short trip there and back (including running (quite slowly) up the stairs to my third floor lab!).

Hopefully we will be able to do more bike riding as a family now - D is going to buy himself a bike too while they are cheap and we can take the bikes to places like the riding course at the PCYC and the local bike ride pathways!

So now I am all geared up for a novice triathlon - I can run, I'm learning to swim, and I have a bike!

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