Friday, September 17, 2010


Taken this morning at 10.45am:

So this is the scary before pic.  The scariest thing is that I have gone to the beach with that body and that bikini (albeit with shorts on!).  I am mostly not happy with my stomach.  My arms stick out because they can't go straight down thanks to a podge of fat to the side of my boobs (my boobs missed out big time!).  My legs are fine though the top part is getting a little icky.  I would love to get rid of the double chin and chubby cheeks too!

The top of my arms are a bit on the chubby side.  But looking at the side-on you can see the tummy problem.  The back rolls are hidden behind my arms though!

Oh gosh.. I my legs are weird arent' they?  lol I might go see that podiatrist!

OH.. important numbers... 155cm tall and 59kg


  1. Wow a bikini, you don't actually look that bad so I'd be pretty happy with that pic. If I'd been able to find a bikini that fitted around my butt I woulda taken a pic in that but had to settle for my underwear - Yay for you too being brave enough, made me realise I should put up some other stats with it too

  2. Way to go putting in the photos Jen. You are so brave. I am taking mine tonight but will only be putting them on my 12wbt profile for the time being. I will wait to see what the 'after' shots look like and then maybe I will be game enough to put up the 'before' ones.

    I think your legs look great! And love the bikini. Good luck with R3.

    Oh, and thanks for putting the list together on the forum. It is fantastic :)

  3. Hey Jen! You look pretty good in these photos but your after photos are going to rock!

    I'm definitely putting up some before shots on my blog this time...

  4. Thankyou ladies!

    You betcha.. I am gonna be shit hot at the end of the 12 weeks! lol

    And so will all of you!

  5. Well done Jen!
    I have just had hubby take my before pics... seeing that you have been brave enough to put them out there I will too....