Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 2

Good morning everyone!

Plan for today.. make up my exercise deficit from yesterday, do my first 'strength session' and do my fitness test.

AND... do some kitchen planning!

4pm I need to go in to do my counts and will be busy for a few hours so I need to 'diarise' for today!

So the Plan for today:

10am Breakfast (apple and cinimon porridge - a bit yukky, added golden syrup but didn't help - I don't like porridge made with water even if I add milk after)
Lunch: Corn relish and ham wrap (I have the ham and ingredients ready to go)
Snack: yogurt
Dinner: Chargrilled beef with avodcado and corn salsa (beef is out to defrost)
Supper:  baked beans
Snack:  a mandarin will be with me at all times for munchies!

Now:  print out the menu for tomorrow done!

At 11am I will do my strength training Took me half an hour to prep up my area and get going.  For the 10min warm-up run I swapped it for 10min cardio kickboxer vid on sparkpeople, I did 20 skips between each rep, and did a 3min skip instead of the power 800m run at the end.  The stretches were too long and I shortened them to 30secs each.  I only made 10 and 20secs on my two attempts at a plank which was a bit disappointing but otherwise I blasted the intermediate level - I should move up to the harder level by 4 weeks!  \Time for lunch now! (and lots of water!)  200calories burnt!

After lunch: bake some muffins for kids   all done - and I didn't lick the bowl!  time for a shower!

At 3pm I will do my fitness test  Done, but I stuffed up the 1km run because my Runkeeper stuffed up and told me 1km when it was only .5km!  I will re-do later in the week when the rain calms down!

At 4pm I will ride my bike into uni to do my counts (with my HRM on)  that should take care of my extra cardio.  Having to cancel this due to RAIN, RAIN, and more Rain!

5.30 i will cook dinner for 6pm! (yum yum yum, had to have some extra salad and I will for sure need my baked beans before bed!)


  1. Hey Jen!

    Glad to see you have picked yourself up again after yesterday. Hope today is a good day for you! ; ) xx

  2. Well done Jen, havent done my exercise yet but will get there...

  3. Love the planning - and how you mapped out what you planned and what you actually achieved. I decided going into Round 3 that being organised was the only way I had half a chance of succeeding. So I changed up the plan (that's helpful - NOT) but made sure that each day was 1200 cal. Like you I am having porridge with water, and a little splash of milk when it comes out of the microwave, but unlike you, I LOVE it that way - lol.

    You are doing really well. Good luck on the 1km trial x