Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Honours - Priorities

So peeps, how many hours do we need to set aside just for the 12wbt challenge?

An hour a day for exercise?  An extra half hour in meal preparation?  Maybe an hour added onto the weekly shopping time to find new products and print out recipes?

So why is it taking up ALL of my time?  Why am I checking my blog three or four times a day?  Why am I spending at least an hour reading other peoples blogs?  Why am I checking the forums CONSTANTLY when I know they don't get that many new posts in a half hour?

Because I am PROCRASTINATING!  Yup, I mentioned it in a previous post but I never followed through with my commitment.  I've had distractions but that is just an excuse.  No more time for excuses so I am going to spend this morning doing some planning, move back into my uni office and get my arse moving so I can complete this with first class - something I KNOW I am able to acheive given my abilities, but something that I am not sure I have the DETERMINATION AND COMMITMENT I need to acheive it.

I've wasted enough time already.  Organise and Diarise is now the mission - I can only go to the forums once a day, in the evening, when I have acheived my work goals.  At 5pm my exercise slot begins - I need to have my work completed by then, and then I can come and blog my acheivements, log my food, and browse the forums.  then I need to spend time with my children and plan the next day once they are asleep! 

Off I go!

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  1. This is a great post Jen... we often get caught up in the moment, and forget the other parts of life.
    I admire that you have acknowledged this.