Friday, September 17, 2010

Yesterday.. the 16th of September 2010

Food Diary..

Oats with LSA and honey for breakfast
2 or 3 cuppa teas
a banana!  (first one in 13yrs!)
2 boiled eggs with a bit of salt and pepper
1 hot cinnamon donut
3 pcs of KFC chicken and some potato and gravy (eww)
a cup of pepsi
mandarin before bed
plenty of water

I rode to work in the morning, ran up the stairs to the third floor, then ran down again and rode home.
Probably about 100-200cals burnt but not sure becuase I FORGOT my hrm!  Unbelievable!
Also had to walk to school and back to pick up my son - again I forgot my hrm.  It's only about 2ks and easy going so I will say about 100cals again.

Wasn't real happy with the KFC but oh well, the donut was pretty bad too!  At least I kept to a reasonable serving and moderation is the key!

Off now to pick up a tv week for my swimsuit shot!

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